What’s more simple than going to a coffee shop and ordering a cup of coffee and a pastry?      
The target of the project was to develop an initial model of an accessible menu for people with intellectual disabilities (I.e. cognitively accessible menu.)
The model was developed by the Israel Institute for Cognitive Disability with the participation of a group of people with intellectual disabilities.
The process has resulted in the creation of formal document principles for accessing menus for people with intellectual disabilities: for categories, use of simple concepts, use of symbols, use of images, font sizes and colors.
You are invited to watch a video documenting the process and imagine what life would look like for people with disabilities if all the cafes in Israel and around the world had access to their menus.
The project was initiated and funded by Shalem foundation, the Fund for Developmental Services Foundation for People with Disabilities and Developmental Disabilities in the Local cuncils in Israel in cooperation with Cofix - Coffee Network in Israel.
The project was done by the Israeli Institute for Cognitive Access
Photography and editing: Idan Aslan.
Participants: recipients of service at the Ami Association